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One of the most common questions homeowners seem to have about the exterior of their home is whether or not their roof needs gutters. The short answer: probably, but maybe not.

While not every roof needs gutters, when they are needed, they serve an extremely important purpose. Gutters help direct water away from your home, working to prevent water damage, mold, and even foundation issues, all of which can be caused by extra moisture. 

Roofs That Need Gutters

For most homes, it is necessary to have gutters installed. While gutters aren’t required for a home to pass inspection for a sale, they are important for preventing water damage. Here are the most common reasons that a home should have gutters.

  • Your home is at the bottom of a slope.

If your home sits at the bottom of any kind of slope, it means that water will be directed toward your house. Over time, all of this extra moisture can cause damage to your foundation, or even your siding.

  • You have a basement.

No matter how your home is positioned, if you have a basement you should also have gutters. This helps prevent water from getting into your basement and flooding it – which is especially important if your basement is finished.

  • Your roof overhang is small.

If your overhang is close to your siding, rainfall can cause “trenches” to form along the edge of your home, which only further exposes your fountain to extra moisture.

Roofs That Might Not Need Gutters

While adding gutters to your roof is a good idea no matter what your home’s situation or design, there are some instances where they may not be completely necessary. This includes homes that are surrounded by concrete, are located on top of a hill or slope, or have an overhang of at least 6 inches.

Just because you don’t need gutters doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider adding them. Not only do they provide extra protection against moisture, they also help keep you drier when going in and out of your front door. An increasingly popular trend for homeowners with big lawns or flower and vegetable gardens is to install rainfall barrels that are filled by their gutters, providing a free and easy way to water plants when rain isn’t in the forecast. 

Seamless Gutters vs. Regular Gutters

Another question we often get is whether or not seamless gutters are better than regular ones. The answer is yes – and seamless gutters are not much more expensive than regular ones either. Seamless gutters aren’t prone to leaks like regular gutters are, and you’ll experience fewer clogs as well. In addition, they are also much more attractive, helping to improve your curb appeal while ensuring your home is better protected from water damage.

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