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At Avondale Roofing, we understand the importance of a reliable roof in safeguarding your home against the elements. When it comes to roofing options, asphalt shingles stand out as a top choice for homeowners seeking durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. With years of experience in providing roofing services, we’re here to guide you through why shingle roofing is the optimal choice for your home.

Choosing the right roofing company in Des Plaines, IL is just as important as selecting the appropriate roofing material for your home. At Avondale Roofing, we take pride in our local expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced roofing contractors is dedicated to delivering superior craftsmanship and personalized service from consultation to completion. With our comprehensive warranty options and ongoing support, you can trust us to protect your investment and provide peace of mind for years to come.

Why You Should Choose Shingle Roofing 

Unmatched Durability

One of the primary concerns for homeowners is ensuring their roof can withstand the test of time. Shingle roofing is highly durable, making it capable of enduring diverse weather conditions from the hot summer sun to heavy rain and snow. With proper installation and maintenance from a professional roofing contractor, shingle roofs can last for decades, providing long-term protection for your home and loved ones.

Versatility in Design

Your home is a reflection of your unique style and personality, and your roof plays a big role in enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Shingle roofing offers many different design options to suit your needs. It is available in an array of colors, textures, and styles to complement any home. Whether you prefer a traditional asphalt shingle or a unique color or upgrade profile, shingle roofing allows you to customize your roof to suit your preferences seamlessly.


Investing in a new roof is a big decision for any homeowner, and cost-effectiveness is undoubtedly a factor you give serious consideration. Shingle roofing presents an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals, offering an exceptional balance between affordability and quality. Compared to alternative roofing materials, such as metal or tile, shingle roofing typically comes at a more accessible price point without compromising on performance or longevity.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Time is of the essence when it comes to roofing projects, and homeowners often seek solutions that minimize disruption to their daily lives. Shingle roofing stands out for its ease of installation, thanks to its lightweight nature and straightforward application process. Additionally, routine maintenance tasks, such as inspections and repairs performed by your roofing company, are relatively simple and cost-effective, ensuring your roof remains in optimal condition with minimal effort.

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What time of warranty do you offer?
We offer a 5-10 year labor and limited lifetime product warranty.
What Manufacturers do you work with?
GAF, CertainTeed, IKO, Owens Corning, DaVinci
What financing options do you offer?
We offer multiple financing option that best suite customers needs.

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